How to convert BIND to TinyDNS?

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>You got some messed up spaces, or maybe it's me?
>Anyway. I totally agree to what you're saying. I am running BIND
>myself and I am not changing. But this person who manages my
>upcoming NS2, he is the one running TinyDNS, and he is among
>the smartest software developers I know of, so his reason to use
>TinyDNS is not to be questioned.

I'm not questioning his personal reasons to use tinyDNS, if he
wants to use it for himself, then fine.  But, it seems to me that the
responsibility of converting the data files to TinyDNS format belongs
to the person who wants to use TinyDNS.

If positions were reversed and the nameserver was already running
TinyDNS, and you came along and wanted to run BIND, then I
would say it would be your responsibility to convert it to BIND.

As a general rule in system administration, when someone
wants to change an existing system that is working to a new
system that has a different look and feel, simply because of their
own personal preference, the responsibility for conversion rests on
them, not on the guy that put together the existing, running, system.

For example when Microsoft took over Hotmail, they didn't demand
the FreeBSD community write a converter to convert to Windows.
Instead they did it themselves, because they wanted to convert to

Also one other thing I would caution you on.  I've worked for a decade
at some of the larger software companies and I assure you that
the vast majority of programmers, no matter how smart they are,
make absolutely terrible system administrators.  I have so far never
met a single programmer that was a good sysadmin, but I am not
going to say that all programmers are terrible because I'm sure that
there's a statistically insignificant sample of them that are good ones.
And I've met a lot of programmers and admined for them.


>Thank you.
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>Subject: RE: How to convert BIND to TinyDNS?
>> Why are you bothering?  TinyDNS isn't the "standard" nameserver that
>> everyone and their dog has been using for time out of mind.  The
>> peoplethat push it seem to like it because it's simpler, that is
>> all well and
>> good
>> but you still have to live in the world where everyone else uses
>> The Big
>> B,
>> so I think the onus is on the TinyDNS people to understand what the
>> defacto standard is, not the other way around.
>> If I want to ride a motorcycle on the road I have to understand the
>> lawsthat
>> govern cars, but car drivers don't have to understand the laws that
>> covermotorcyclists.  That is the penalty you pay for being in a
>> minority, too
>> bad, so sad, but the world doesen't give you any sympathy, so why are
>> you?
>> If you have a situation where you have an inexperienced person that is
>> supposed to be administering the zone files, and you don't trust him,
>> then
>> load webmin and have them use that.  The bind config module in webmin
>> is very good, we have been using it for years.  In fact I strongly
>> recommend
>> against editing the zone files by hand, since formatting errors can
>> makenamed act very funny.
>> Ted
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>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Hello!
>> >
>> >I am trying to provide the administrator of my upcoming NS2
>> >with my zonefiles
>> >in the TinyDNS format. But I am having some trouble
>> >comprehending its format.
>> >
>> >Perhaps the simplicity got to me.
>> >
>> >Here is my BIND setup:
>> >
>> >Here is my imagined TinyDNS equivalent, written as simply as
>> possible:>
>> >*
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >+ninja.mydomain.lan:
>> >+halim.mydomain.lan:
>> >
>> >*
>> >*
>> >*
>> >*
>> >*
>> >
>> >I have googled like crazy to find a decent script to do this
>> >conversion for me.
>> >This was all I found, and it didn't go too well:
>> >
>> >./bind-to-tinydns output output.tmp <
>> >warning: line 8: ignoring out-of-zone data
>> >fatal: line 16: RR tried to inherit owner from previous record,
>> >but there was no previous RR
>> >
>> >Thanks!
>> >
>> >
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