forwarding http requests with ipfw

Robert Collins rcollins at
Fri Dec 30 22:35:02 PST 2005

> At 09:07 PM 12/30/2005, Robert Collins wrote:
>>I've got a situation where I've got an internal host using a private 
>>ip/domainname. Let's say for the sake of this discussion the host is 
>> privatehost isn't running a webserver. 
>>But I would like machines on the network to query 
>>privatehost as if it was. When one of these machines queries privatehost I 
>>would like privatehost to forward those requests to my webserver, 
>>, so that it can handle the request. In order to accomplish 
>>that I have done the following:
>>My kernel was compiled with these options:
>>options         IPFIREWALL
>>options         IPFIREWALL_FORWARD
>>"ipfw list" looks like this:
>>00100 allow ip from any to any via lo0
>>00110 deny ip from any to
>>00120 deny ip from to any
>>10000 fwd tcp from any to me dst-port 80
>>65000 allow ip from any to any
>>65535 deny ip from any to any
>>The problem I am having is that it seems the packets never leave 
>>privatehost. tcpdump shows packets coming in destined for port 80. "ipfw 
>>show" shows that packets are matching my rule, but tcpdump never shows any 
>>packets going out to tcpdump on  also 
>>shows that no packets are being recieved. I did a tcpdump on lo0 just for 
>>kicks, and that didn't show anything. It seems as if the packets are just 
>>disappearing. Someone on #freebsdhelp suggested doing a "sysctl -w 
>>net.inet.ip.forwarding=1" but that didn't help the situation. Is there 
>>something minor I'm missing here...or am I totally off in my understanding 
>>of how "ipfw fwd" works?
> To quote the ipfw man page:
> "The fwd action does not change the contents of the packet at all.  In 
> particular, the destination address remains unmodified, so packets 
> forwarded to another system will usually be rejected by that system unless 
> there is a matching rule on that system to capture them."
> You probably need to re-think what you are trying to do.

My understanding of this portion of the man page is that the machine 
receiving the packet, in this case, needs to be prepared to 
recive a packet whose destination address is not it's own. If I am correct 
in my interpretation then this part of the man page is irrelivent to my 
problem. My question is not, why is not receiving the 
packet. My question is, why is not sending 
the packet.

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