Unable to build 'icu-3.4'

Gerard Seibert gerard at seibercom.net
Fri Dec 30 11:43:42 PST 2005

Several users, including myself, are unable to install 'icu-3.4'. I have
contacted both the maintainer and the 'icu' development staff regarding
this problem. The following is the feed back that I have received up to
this point.

First of all, the output from 'uname -a'

FreeBSD seibercom.net 5.4-STABLE FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE #0: Wed Nov 23
15:16:09 EST 2005 ges at seibercom.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SEIBERCOM3

I contacted the maintainer regarding this problem, and this was his

---------------------- Original Message Starts---------------------
From:    Mikhail Teterin <mi+kde at aldan.algebra.com>

Congratulations! You have found a bug in ICU (or in one of its
self-tests). From your log:

 	   ---[OK]  ---/custrtrn/Test_widestrs
 	cintltst in free(): error: page is already free
 	Abort trap (core dumped)
 	*** Error code 134

You can avoid the crash by removing the 'a' from your MALLOC_FLAGS. To
fix the underlying problem, please, consider filing a bug report with

I'll try to dig it up, but I'm a little swapmed at the moment :-( Thanks
for the report. Yours,

 --------------------- Original Message Ends --------------------

Since I have no idea how to remove a flag, other than the one that flies
on the pole in my front lawn, I contacted the 'icu' staff and submitted
a bug report. The following is their response.

----------------------- Original Message Starts -------------------

Please build a debuggable version of ICU, and supply a stack trace of
the failure in the bug report. We can't reproduce this bug on other
platforms with heap debuggers, and the test suite doesn't fail on other
versions of FreeBSD.

----------------------- Original Message Ends --------------------

The entire build and attempted install log is available at this URL:


I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me with this
problem. I know for a fact that I am not the only individual that cannot
get 'icu-3.4' installed.

If someone could instruct me on how to make a debuggable version and
supply a stack trace of the failure it would be very much appreciated.
Any other suggestions, etc. would be very much appreciated.

This problem, by the way, is causing 'python-boost' not to build which
causes 'kdeede3' not to build either.

Thanks in advance!

Gerard Seibert
gerard at seibercom.net

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