The hardships of ownerships

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at
Thu Dec 29 13:01:00 PST 2005


I am trying to arrange my user database properly.

I am having a hard time keeping /etc/master.passwd from vipw in sync with /etc/group.
It's quite a mystery trying to make them function as one entity. Why are they seperated into
two files anyway? My group file has tons of groups that aren't even in master.passwd.

Then, let's say I want to arrange the GIDs from group to go chronologically. Giving each
group the ID of the port its daemon may or may not run on, seems to me like something a
kid would do when there's no cartoons on TV.

And let's say I do that, and edit my master.passwd with vipw accordingly. Just because
I am seeking order in my things, my entire system has to suffer and most ownerships will
be broken. I guess what I am asking for is this: does anybody have a script that updates
your system according to your need to clean up your system?

Thank you all for your time.

Kristian Vaaf

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