sudo TTY Unknown messages

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Dec 29 07:18:28 PST 2005

Robin Becker wrote:
> I am getting messages from sudo concerning an unknown TTY.
> eg
> Dec 29 02:30:40 www sudo:     root : TTY=unknown ; 
> PWD=/usr/tmp/BU/svn_backups ; USER=www ; COMMAND=/usr/local/bin/svnadmin 
> dump -q -r0:19591 /svn/private
> I think this is caused by not having a tty device in the root cron job. 
> I would prefer to keep only one main cron job for my system or is that 
> frowned upon.
I'm being daft; it seems sudo always logs itself. Is there away to get sudo to 
not syslog if it's root sudoing as www? I looked at sudoers, but couldn't see an 
obvious way to set !syslog for

root > www using svnadmin or svnlook etc etc
Robin Becker

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