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Robin Becker robin at
Thu Dec 29 07:15:51 PST 2005

Robin Becker wrote:
> Hi, I've recently installed/upgraded to freebsd 6.0 from freebsd 4.9. 
> Most things have gone very smoothly and I thank the developers.
> However, I'm seeing a lot of these messages in the system log
> Dec 29 02:41:46 www inetd[469]: ssh/tcp: bind: Address already in use
> It seems like these are every 10 minutes. I suppose it's something 
> obvious, but I don't know what.
> Can anyone help?

My googling has improved: I see this from Kevin Kinsey

> sshd(8) is enabled by adding:
>      sshd_enable="YES"
>     to /etc/rc.conf. It is started at bootup
> and it seems likely that running it from inetd
> as well would cause an error message such as
> the one(s) you are describing.

I blindly added ssh and ftp to the inetd.conf file at install time. Do I need to 
remove one or both? Is there a place where one can see which (if any daemons 
need to be started in the old way). It seems to me that if the standard sshd 
startup has changed then a simple comment in inetd.conf would help to avoid 
problems for people like me.
Robin Becker

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