pkgdb format

Colin Percival cperciva at
Thu Dec 29 06:28:58 PST 2005

Mark Ovens wrote:
> After reading this thread, I killed the upgrade, deleted INDEX-6,
> INDEX-6.db, and pkgdb.db; rebuilt pkgdb.db using `pkgdb -u' and re-ran
> `portupgrade -af'
> It started off OK (using dbm_hash) but after a couple of hours it had
> started continually rebuilding pkgdb.db.
> Anyone else got any ideas?

I had exactly the same problem during portupgrading after a 5.4->6.0
base system upgrade until I did a `portupgrade -fR portupgrade`, at
which point it stopped (and has been fine ever since).  I have no idea
what the problem is or why this would fix it, but you might like to
try this and see if it helps.

Colin Percival

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