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Thu Dec 29 06:25:58 PST 2005

"Mike Esquardez" <mikeala3 at> writes:

> Hello everybody. I am trying to work out how to install SMSD from
> ports and not having much luck. I'm jut learning FreeBSD, so my
> knowledge of ports is not very good. When I make, make install, it
> only installs Gnokii. After looking around I found the file
> /usr/ports/comms/gnokii/files/patch-smsd-Makefile and also README
> under /work/smsd. I am totally lost and confused. Google has proved
> not so good for this issue.
> ==========================================
> SMSD is not compiled by default with gnokii 'make' command. You must
> compile it
> manually by typing 'make' in smsd directory. But before SMSD compilation
> you must right configure gnokii (autoconf, configure).
> For example:
> (in gnokii directory)
> gettextize                # only for CVS copies
> autoconf                  # only for CVS copies
> autoheader                # only for CVS copies
> ./configure
> [ If you use latest Red Hat with new (0.11) gettext version ]
> [ run with configure options instead of the      ]
> [ above commands. It will do all needed things.             ]
> cd smsd
> vi Makefile (edit paths in "DB Modules" section)
> make
> make OR make OR make
> make install
> Note that you can build all of the modules (libpq, libmysql and libfile) but
> you should use just one.
> ==========================================
> I have installed RPM and Debs before, but I've never had to do
> anything other than make, make install.  Can anyone be so kind enough
> to explain what the above instructions mean? And what the
> "/usr/ports/comms/gnokii/files/patch-smsd-Makefile" file is for and
> how to use it?

You don't need to look that deep into it; just check out the
/usr/ports/comms/gnokii/Makefile and you'll see that what you need is
to build with "WITH_SMSD".  So just do the following:

 $ cd /usr/ports/comms/gnokii
 $ make clean && make -DWITH_SMSD install

and you will end up with /usr/local/sbin/smsd

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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