Preserve date when cp over smbfs

Martin P. Hansen mph at
Wed Dec 28 13:53:57 PST 2005

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Gilbert Cao wrote:
> When I copy a single file with the cp utility, with -p flag, to
> a smbfs mounted directory, the modification datetime is not preserved and it
> is set to the current datetime :

I've had this problem too, cp was also emitting a warning about utimes:

mph# mount -t smbfs -o-Eiso8859-1:cp850,-f660 //mph at light/e$ /mnt
mph% cp -p INFO /mnt
cp: utimes: /mnt/INFO: Operation not permitted

This was because I wasn't ``owner'' of the files. Adding the -u flag fixed this.

mph# mount -t smbfs -o-Eiso8859-1:cp850,-f660,-umph //mph at light/e$ /mnt

Now my modification time is preserved.

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