BSD Question's.

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>Cadence have a wide range of products some of which 
>run on Windows platforms.  But you will be struggling 
>to do much with Full Custom on XP.
>There are some alternatives offered on FreeBSD -- 
>admittedly inferior to the top Cadence products but
>also at less than 10% of the licensing costs.
>I thought the discussion was about desktop software
>not business software; but even so if your business 
>is IC design then I would think a good CAD suite was 
>pretty essential.

Frankly, Malcolm, I find it far more interesting to learn
about the niche software that runs poorly on Windows and
well on UNIX.  Talking about programs like Acrobat that
everyone uses is a pretty dull and worn out subject.  We
all know Acrobat works better on Windows, ho hum, can we
please move on?  As you so eloquently reminded us here,
not every task done on a computer is done with the top 20
most popular programs in the world.


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