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Tue Dec 27 07:45:31 PST 2005

--- Malcolm Kay <malcolm.kay at>

> On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 09:27 am, Danial Thom
> wrote:
> >
> > Schwab Streetsmart
> > Accounting Software (CA)
> > Quicken
> > Photoshop
> > Adobe Acrobat (for creating PDFs)
> >
> > Those are the ones I use daily. Surely there
> are
> > some half-assed alternatives for some of
> these,
> > but if I have to use something inferior to
> use
> > FreeBSD then thats a point against it.
> >
> This is all a question of the applications you
> need.
> My game is full custom integrated circuit
> design and 
> suitable CAD software is available, at a price,
> on 
> most unix style systems including Solaris,
> HP-UX, 
> various Linux distributions and FreeBSD. In
> this 
> field it is the Windows half-assed alternatives
> that are distinctly inferior.

No, its  a point of applications that one would
reasonably need to run a business. I can't run a
business from your CAD workstation. I can't live
without accounting software.

I would hardly call apps such as Cadence
"half-assed", even if you prefer something else.
In fact, Candence runs on Windows, Linux and
Solaris but NOT FreeBSD, and its by far the most
used product the market in that genre.


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