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>I belong to a HS Officials Association. The entire BOCES site, where I
>can confirm assignments, etc.,  is written in VB. I can only use IE to
>access that site.
>I have spoken to the director of BOCES operations, and they informed me
>that there was no way they were going to change the site. It cost them
>many $thousands$ of dollars to have set up.

The last permanent web developer we had on staff wrote lots of sites
like this in VB, he never had any trouble in getting them to come
up in all browsers.  There is no inherent property in VB that when
you use it to build a site that it will require IE.  The issue is
the web developer that put the BOCES site together might have been a good
progrmamer but didn't know much about web development.  In short, the
BOCES opereation got taken, the director probably knows by now that he
screwed up when he wrote the contract with the web dev firm, but
he's not going to admit it to you.

>I do have to admit that it works flawlessly though.

For now.  The problem is that when the next version of IE comes out
the onus is on Microsoft to make it compliant with standards first,
and make it work with the previous IE versions idiosyncracies later.
Without requiring the web developer to deliver a site that's compliant
to the published standards, what your going to get is a site that
only works with one specific version of IE, and no guarentees it
will continue to work with future versions.

Eventually it will break, by then you could put a bug in the directors
ear that he might write in html standards compliance in the contract
he will have to write then to get the site fixed.


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