Desktop Note on FreeBSD?

Yuan Jue yuanjue02 at
Mon Dec 26 06:46:15 PST 2005

On Monday 26 December 2005 22:32, Eric Kjeldergaard wrote:

> On Monday 26 December 2005 23:18, Yuan Jue wrote:
> > I just found a software called gDesklets which I think is wonderful.
> > you can find it in
> >
> >id =191 it is a WeeklyCalendar. almost fulfill my demand
> Ah, if you are after something like gdesklets, kde seems to have
> SuperKaramba (ports deskutils/superkaramba) which embeds scripts into the
> desktop in almost the same way.  Not sure if you are still looking for
> something different or if you are satisfied with what you have now,

thanks for your suggestion. Refer to SuperKaramba, I don't find something
lile WeeklyCalendar in gDesklets. maybe you can show me the plugin in
SuperKaramba that do the same job

Best Regards.
Yuan Jue

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