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Sun Dec 25 20:19:19 PST 2005

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005, Your Name wrote:


> P.S. - I'm looking for a suggestion for a CD ripper; or perhaps I'm
> not using KAudioCreator right. If I select all the tracks on a CD, it
> blarfs when it is trying to rip the second or third track while
> simultaneously converting the first track to .mp3 or whatever.

I can't help you with the KDE stuff, but I've been happy with using 
cdda2wav to read a CD, then cdrecord to burn [both are in ports, part of 
sysutils/cdrtools]. lame [audio/lame] works well for making mp3s. 
However, I haven't tried making mp3s simultaeously with either reading 
or burning a CD. My computer is better at multitasking than I am.

BTW, cdrtools is worth having; it also gives you mkisofs for creating 
burnable data CD images, plus some other useful-looking things that I 
don't know enough about to comment on.


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