Compiling linux applications

TV JOE osastw at
Sun Dec 25 19:16:48 PST 2005


 I've a C program written for Suse linux. I'm having minor problems 
 compiling. First is that the cexp (complex exponent) is not available
 in /usr/include/math.h. Is it possible to add on a library that includes
 this function? I compile as 'gcc -lm program.c'.

 Additionally there is a timer program that creates this compile 

GC.c: In function `gettime':
GC.c:252: error: storage size of 'ltim' isn't known

 Here is gettime  

// Functions start here.

// Function to read system time.  Only used for testing execution speed.
long int gettime(void)
    struct timeval    ltim;

        gettimeofday(&ltim, NULL);
        return (((long int)ltim.tv_sec)*((long int)(1000000))+((long int)ltim.tv_usec));

 I'm compiling on a 5.3 box. Thanks for any help, 

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