Start X hangs the computer

Teo De Las Heras teoheras at
Sun Dec 25 08:54:19 PST 2005

Have you installed the GeForce drivers?  If not, you'll need to get them
from the nvidia site and install them.  They also just release a new utility
that will adjust your xorg.conf file so that it's setup correctly to work
with the Nvidia card.  I believe the utility is called nvidia-xconfig.


On 12/24/05, Javier Matos <javierlu at> wrote:
> Hello, I was searching about my problem in a lot off forums but I don´t
> find
> a solution... .
> I Install FreeBSD 6.0 in my box (I have 2 boxes and FreeBSD was installed
> in
> both). The first one work fine with all
> the configuration that I make but the second (boxes are different) have
> problems because I can start "startx", "xdm"
> and "kdm" and it show the screen for a while with the correct resolution
> but
> then the screen freeze and after some
> seconds the box restart... . I can´t find any reason for this behaviour
> because log files seems to show that all is
> working. I follow the same steeps with two boxes but only one can run X.
> The box who crashes is a P5GD1_PRO (Intel 915P chipset), my graphic card
> is
> a GeForce FX 6200 (PCI-Express).
> Anyone have any idea about the what is the problem?
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