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Michael C. Shultz ringworm01 at
Sat Dec 24 08:14:11 PST 2005

On Saturday 24 December 2005 08:02, Daniel A. wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> On 12/24/05, Michael C. Shultz <ringworm01 at> wrote:
> > On Saturday 24 December 2005 06:54, Daniel A. wrote:
> > > Hi Andy,
> > >
> > > I am sorry for the trouble you have had with Windows XP.
> > >
> > > I suggest that you use Linux, as FreeBSD really is not targeted at
> > > people who want to use graphical user interfaces.
> >
> > In a few key areas FreeBSD is a better desktop OS than Linux:  Easier to
> > keep the kernel/world and installed ports up to date for example without
> > having to resort to the microsoft/Linux fixall method of removing and
> > reinstalling everything every now and again.  Your opinion is correct IMO
> > that FreeBSD managers put most emphasis on FreeBSD as a server and little
> > as a desktop. My guess is because donations(cash) and hardware support
> > for developers come from people who want servers while people who want a
> > desktop OS tend to donate squat....
> >
> > > The linux developers really have been trying to make a valuable
> > > replacement for Windows, as they somehow have experienced the same
> > > issues with Windows (And Microsoft products in general) that you have.
> > >
> > > One Linux distribution in particular that I think you might like, is
> > > Ubuntu. You can download it at, or order a
> > > CD (Free shipping, free CD, you pay nothing).
> >
> > Advertising Linux in a FreeBSD mailing list?  Sounds like you may have
> > more of axe to grind against the FreeBSD management folk than a desire to
> > offer sound advice....
> This is the same kind of response I got when I asked for screen
> alternatives. My "grind" is against Linux. Honestly, I hate linux. I dont
> have any real reasons for hating it, I just do, because Linux has a very
> loud-mouthed userbase that "hates" "M$" and "Winblows". I ordered 200
> (Yes, 200!) Ubuntu CD's just for the priceless joy of sitting in my
> room and laughing once I opened the box with the 200 CD's that cost
> some people real money.
> Also, I am absolutely a FreeBSD fanboy.

Imagine the "priceless joy" you could have had by donating  the cost of those 
200 cd's to the authors of your favorite OS.  Not to mention the extra space 
in your room without 200 CD's laying about.


> So the advice I was giving actually _was_ the kind of advice that the
> OP asked for. Disregard the fact that this is a freebsd mailing list.
> He was asking for advice on a dekstop OS that would be cheap, and that
> is exactly what I gave him, based on the information that I've
> gathered through my interaction with people.

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