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Daniel A. ldrada at
Sat Dec 24 06:54:29 PST 2005

Hi Andy,

I am sorry for the trouble you have had with Windows XP.

I suggest that you use Linux, as FreeBSD really is not targeted at
people who want to use graphical user interfaces.
The linux developers really have been trying to make a valuable
replacement for Windows, as they somehow have experienced the same
issues with Windows (And Microsoft products in general) that you have.

One Linux distribution in particular that I think you might like, is
Ubuntu. You can download it at, or order a
CD (Free shipping, free CD, you pay nothing).

On 12/24/05, Andy Sjostrom <andy_sjostrom at> wrote:
> To whom this may concern,
> H-E-L-P!
> LOL!
>  I've been online since 1992( the windows 3.1 days for me.) I'm 48 yrs.old. and also a windows XP
> user.
>  Because of recent issue I have had with Mr. William Gates and his product.
> about every 6 months I have had to overhaul my windows XP. during the last up grade I was told
> that my XP product code was invaild, then when is made the repair up grades something in my
> registory changed, and when that auto updater downloaded the new security patches it somehow
> downloaded 2969 trojans as well.
>  I have decided to start the search for a new OS.
> In my case the new OS must be completely 100 percent user friendly.
> Please bare in mind that 100 percent means "NO CODE" writting. I'm not a programer...LOL!
>  I run a very small one man company at,
>  From time to time I also like to rip and burn a CD as well,
> Publish articles to my yahoo 360 blog. edit a few images from time to to time.
>  surf the net, copy and paste, chat with friends in my favorite yahoo chat room.
>  fold protiens for the fold at home project at stanford U.
> (I'm on team #40154.)
>  I also have a logitech Clicksmart420 that the new OS must be willing to accept.
> I've been doing some reading and every thing I have been able to find for OS's boils down to three
> basic choices.
> Unix
> Linux
> A windows Hybird like ReactOS.
> There is one other very important thing Because I'm on a fixed income and things with me are very
> tight money wise the new OS must be free.
>  Is there any thing you can do to help me. Such as point me in the right direction.
>   .
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> George A. Sjostrom II
> Helping those who can help them selves
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