FreeBSD router two DSL connections

Yance Kowara yance_kowara at
Sat Dec 24 06:09:01 PST 2005

> Ted, you have to think outside the box. Life is
> more than one connection. While you can't
> increase the throughput of a single connection,
> you can increase the throughput of your network,
> which is usually the point. "Throughput" in this
> context is "capacity". Throughput is not only
> what you can "get" on a download; its the sum
> total of all of your activites.
> You "can" upload at 2Mb/s on one connection if
> you balance your outbound traffic, but not
> download, because while you can control where
> outgoing packets are sent,  you can't control
> over which pipe incoming traffic arrives.
> Believe me, ted. It works. Its not "theory". Its
> being done. For example a hosting ISP saturates
> its pipes outgoing and has very little traffic
> incoming. They can load balance in the outgoing
> only direction and have all of their incoming
> traffic on a single pipe and double the capacity
> of their network. Since they never exceed the
> incoming bandwidth of a single pipe there is no
> need to balance it.
> DT

Ted and Daniel,

I am still following this thread and am getting all
confused here. 

Back to my original question: 2 ADSL uplinks - 2
different ISPs.... can they be merged? (Load balanced,
load shared, whatever it is)

OpenBSD's PF has something that looks promising:
Is this what I am looking for?

Kind regards,

Yance Kowara

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