USB mice

Teilhard Knight teilhk at
Sat Dec 24 02:15:46 PST 2005

> Teilhard Knight wrote:
>> It seems to me that the way FreeBSD is catching up with new hardware 
>> leaves you unsatisfied. One has to choose, upon boot, the option to use 
>> an USB keyboard by hand, and I have found no way to make a USB mouse to 
>> work. The OS broadly supports serial mice and hardly PS/2 mice, both 
>> almost out of the market nowadays. Are USB mice supported by FreeBSD?
>> Teilhard.
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> Currently all three systems which run FreeBSD have USB mice, two of them 
> just plain Logitech optical mouses, the third is a Logitech MX 300, but 
> every other mouse should work when you have enabled moused. Try plugin in 
> the mouse when FreeBSD is up and running, it should detect it 
> automatically

It didn't work. Actually I have a little more than a USB mouse, I have a 
wireless mouse and wireless keyboard which are both controlled by a central 
unit which plugs into an USB port in the computer. The keyboard works well, 
with the option of booting with an USB keyboard, but I cannot make the mouse 
work. Any suggestions?


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