FreeBSD router two DSL connections

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Thu Dec 22 03:00:26 PST 2005

> Which is not redundant.


> Considering the OP asked for specifics on how to do this and your 

> response as been a bunch of theoretical gobbdleygook that is flat out 

> wrong network theory, you haven't done anything to help the poor bastard.




This is a pretty firey debate.


I have a question along the lines of this thread. I currently have a 1.5Mbit
ADSL tail at the school that I work for. This tail connects to the Education
Office which hosts a variety of websites, we then get internet access
through the education office.


We currently also have 230 PCs, and the connection is slowing down
significantly. What I planned on doing was purchasing a 20Mbit ADSL 2+
connection and setting up a FreeBSD router which forwards all internet
traffic through the ADSL2+ connection, and the Education Office traffic
would be forwarded through the existing connection. Is this feasible? I
would assume that it would be a simple matter of letting the router know
what ranges need to be forwarded to the existing connection, and defaulting
the rest to the new connection.


Note there is NO load balancing in this scenario, so don't flame my head


Sorry if this is not making sense, I've had a long day.




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