HP Pavillion laptop can't boot FreeBSD

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Wed Dec 21 09:08:13 PST 2005

boot off floppies and try a ftp install.  Or, boot windows
and burn the freebsd cd in the laptop (i assume the laptop has
a cd burner) sounds like a media error.


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>Subject: HP Pavillion laptop can't boot FreeBSD
>I recently purchased an HP Pavillion laptop (dv8000) that has
>an AMD-64 CPU,
>with the intent on running FreeBSD 6.0 (i386) as a dual boot
>option.  I have
>installed BSD numerous times on various desktops, but this is my first
>attempt on a laptop.
>When I boot off the CD, before the boot menu comes up, an error message
>comes up: elf32_lookup_symbol: corrupt symbol table.  Then the
>normal boot
>menu comes up, at which point selecting option 1 (normal) or option 2
>(without ACPI) causes the BTX loader to halt after displaying some hex
>errors.  I even tried hitting option 6, unsettng acpi_load,
>then booting,
>but the same error comes up.
>I tried 6.0 AMD-64 and didn't get as far.  Before the boot menu
>could come
>up, it continually spews what appears to be the same/similar
>hex errors and
>didn't even respond to Cntrl-Alt-Delete.  Trying 5.4, I don't
>get the elf32
>error before the boot menu, but if I select option 1 it has
>trouble loading
>ACPI and then shuts down.  Selecting option 2 (with the 5.4 cd) does not
>bring up an error, the system just shuts down.  Out of
>curiousity, I tried a
>Knoppix 4.0 CD and was able to fully boot and get a functioning
>system up
>(albeit running off the CD).
>My bios has painfully few options, such as boot order and disabling the
>onboard wireless nic, nothing else.
>Is there something else I should try, or do I have to wait for the time
>TIA for any suggestions.
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