New to FreeBSD, need some questions answered

Andrew Falanga excalibur at
Tue Dec 20 11:35:47 PST 2005

>You mean you got through the install and when you were asked on which
>slice you wanted to install FreeBSD you were only offered the choice of
>the SATA drive?
>If you have a working FreeBSD system, what does dmesg say?  What does
>fdisk (from inside FreeBSD) say?  They both only see the SATA drive?  
>Boot the system from DOS and run DOS's fdisk; what does it say?
>If all the FreeBSD utilities can see the SATA but not the PATA drive,
>then I'd check the cable and the jumpers on the PATA drive.  Be sure the
>jumper is NOT set to Cable Select.
>Once you can see both drives, just answer "yes" to installing the
>FreeBSD boot loader during installation.  If you don't want to
>reinstall, read man boot0cfg.
>Welcome and good luck,
>Bristol Systems Inc.


Both drives were seen by the install program.  In fact, I had to tell 
the install to NOT use ad0 because it is PATA drive.  I figured that ad0 
would be the SATA drive because I had to alter CMOS to make the SATA 
drive the boot (or "first") drive in the system.

I'll definitely be reading up on the boot0cfg manual page.  Sorry that 
it's taken so long to get back.  I've very little time to play on my 
computer at home.  I'm really excited about FreeBSD.  I've used OpenBSD 
for a "long" time and am familiar with the BSD's.  I wanted to get back 
in to BSD (I've been using Linux for a while, honestly, I don't like it 
all that much).  I went with FreeBSD because of it's support, especially 
for OpenOffice (at least it appeared that it would be easier to get 
OpenOffice on FreeBSD than on OBSD).

Thanks for the welcome and the help.


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