Printing problems with Mozilla and Firefox on Freebsd 5.3

Steven Lake steven.lake at
Sun Dec 18 11:58:48 PST 2005

At 10:58 AM 12/18/2005 -0800, Micah wrote:
>Steven Lake wrote:
>>At 07:30 PM 12/18/2005 +0300, Andrew P. wrote:
>>>On 12/18/05, Steven Lake <steven.lake at> wrote:
>>> >         Ok, got a weird one here.  Got cups setup with our
>>> > new office lan printer and I can print just fine from any
>>> > program, EXCEPT Mozilla and Firefox.  They go through
>>> > the motions, but nothing happens.  Nothing shows up in
>>> > the que or the access or error logs or anything.      Am I
>>> > missing something?  My research via google into this
>>> > found me several pages that mentioned something about
>>> > 'msttcorefonts', but after some playing with this they don't
>>> > seem to be installable on freebsd.  Any suggestions?
>>>I think x11-fonts/webfonts may be referenced as msttcorefonts
>>>in other distributions. I can't explain why, but try to install the
>>>print/gtklp port and change the print command in firefox to
>>         Installed webfonts and gtklp and restarted x and no go still.
>>:(  One thing I did notice is that all the others go to a normal print 
>>window, but the two browsers go to some custom printing screen and say 
>>something about "postscript/printer_name" instead of the normal KDE cups 
>>installed printer.  Would that possibly cause part of the issue?
>Firefox isn't a KDE app, so by default is uses /usr/bin/lpr unless you 
>specifically set it to use another print interface.  Unfortunately Firefox 
>1.5's whole printing system is pretty buggy right now - almost to the 
>point of unusability on my system.  If it was working properly you'd go 
>File->Print select the printer you want to edit, click Properties and set 
>the command to either /usr/local/bin/lpr (for the lpr interface to CUPS) 
>or kprinter (for the KDE interface to CUPS). Unfortunately this official 
>method is not working for me.  I've had to edit the prefs.js directly in 
>order to maintain printing ability.

         WOOT!  I used kprinter and it's working!  Thanks!!  :)

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