foobarred installation?

RW list-freebsd-2004 at
Sun Dec 18 11:46:50 PST 2005

On Sunday 18 December 2005 10:17, David Gerard wrote:
> RW wrote:
> > From what I've read I wouldn't recommend amd64 for a desktop, as two many
> > things are broken, for example 3-d support for your nvidia card.
> That's a pity ... I was thinking in terms of an uber-l33t dual-AMD64
> beast machine running FreeBSD 6 (or maybe 7 by the time I get around to
> it) for my next desktop.
> (Not that I ever sit at my desktop any more, and am about to repurpose
> my FBSD 5 desktop as FBSD 6 and very much a household *server*.)
> Is there a list or project page on precisely what needs fixing on amd64?
> (I could always run Ubuntu, but I have my laptop for that ...)

What's wrong with running i386? Aside from a limited number of activities, 
such as OGG encoding, there's not much difference in performance. 

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