freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 117, Issue 23

Jeff Molofee nehe at
Sat Dec 17 17:02:22 PST 2005

Having some serious problems with gnome-theme-manager.

Up until last week it was running great. I installed a few icon packs, 
themes, etc, no problems.

2 days ago I went to install a new theme and notice the the theme 
manager took a long time to come up, and when it did, none of the themes 
looked like themes. They were all greyed out with a question mark in the 
middle. Clicking theme details opened a theme window with nothing in it 
(partially drawn).

I did some quick reading and found that the transparency in X can cause 
problems. So I disabled it. Rebooted and noted the same problems. I then 
removed all my themes and reinstalled them, thinking perhaps one was 
corrupt and it was messing up the rest. Same problem.

Yesterday early in the morning I decided to reinstall everything from 
scratch (drastic, but wanted to be sure it wasn't my set up).

Gnome is back up, but theme manager is still screwed up. If I select 
certain themes not only do they not work, but my machine has a tendancy 
to crash. Gnome crashes, and I'm back to the login prompt.

Is anyone aware of a problem with the gnome-theme-manager or am I the 
only one having this problem?

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