HP ScanJet 4100c?

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at osu.edu
Fri Dec 16 23:37:16 PST 2005

On Friday 16 December 2005 11:31 pm, you wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 08:19:21PM -0500, Anish Mistry wrote:
> > On Friday 16 December 2005 08:02 pm, Gary Kline wrote:
> > > 	Guys, is this my big opportunity or what!  :-)
> > >
> > > 	A friend bought an HP ScanJet 4100c for $15.  For unknoen
> > > 	reason, it does not work wsith W-XP, but might this work
> > > 	with FBSD?
> > >
> > > 	Otherwise, I'm looking for a scanner with OCR-ware.  For
> > > 	either my W2K box or FBSD.  I finally do have the book I'm
> > > 	aiming to scan; I  don;t know what happened to my friend
> > > 	with the microfiche of this text.  Zero reply.
> > >
> > > 	Is there anybody in the Western WA locale who'd be willing
> > > 	to lend me scanner with OCR software or tell me what to
> > > 	buy that works with FBSD.  For $15, it's worth asking about.
> >
> > Check out if sane supports it.  I'm in a similar situation with a
> > HP Scanjet 6200C.  The driver on the HP isn't actually a driver
> > so the scanner is useless in Windows.  I booted into FreeBSD,
> > kldload uscanner, and started xsane, it worked perfectly.  I
> > haven't tried the OCR part of xsane, but it should work.
> 	Whoa, the online sane docs say that 4100C is supported.  The next
> 	obstacle is the USB jack.  Even my 1999 test e-machine has a usb
> 	thing hidden somewhere in front.   This box, tao, is a barebones
> 	box I built in 08/2001; so I'm sure it's got a usb port
> 	somewhere.
> 	Do I have to build it into the kernel or what?  IOW, what's the
> 	deal with USB stuff?  I've had enough headbanging with ye olden
> 	COM[1234] ports.  But it's time to get my fingers wet.
Depending on what version of FreeBSD you're running you might want to 
build usb into the kernel.  If you just run "kldload uscanner" it 
should automatically load the usb kernel module, if it's not already 
in the default kernel, which I think it may be.  The usb stuff should 
work fine as long as you don't have some funky chipset. 6.0-RELEASE 
should have pretty good support for usb.

Anish Mistry
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