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Fri Dec 16 02:48:28 PST 2005

"I am able to telnet into the SMTP server on port 25 and have my way
with it"

Why, exactly, is this a security problem?  You do realize, don't you,
that mailservers do not encrypt SMTP mail when they send it to
each other.

I would be more interested, if I were you, in what banners I got by
telnetting into the POP3 and SMTP port.  Those should tell you
what the ISP is using to host e-mail, obviously if it's Microsoft
I'd run in the opposite direction.


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>Hi everyone,
>            Thanks Gwen and Ted for your feedback. I am using an ADSL
>modem, basically a POTS network terminal. I am thinkng of
>switching ISP's, registering a domain and setting up my own mail server.
>The ISP I am using (according to thier 'technical support')
>does not use
>any encryption with the POP server and I am able to telnet into
>the SMTP
>server on port 25 and have my way with it. I have installed ipgrab so I
>can see for myself the information transmitted on rl0 and tun0. I also
>plan to try thunderbird (*sigh* I have to use X), to see if
>there is any
>difference between it's connection and pine's
>Thanks again,
>P.S - as for hollywood movies, 'Takedown' - enough said :)
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