Patching a port

Markus Trippelsdorf Markus at
Thu Dec 15 23:50:52 PST 2005

On 2005-12-16, Ian Moore <no-spam at> wrote:
> I'm having some trouble with the www/sarg port. The writer has sent me a=20
> couple of .patch files to apply and I'm wondering if there's some way to=20
> apply those patches and still use the ports system to build & install the=20
> port.
> I know the source code installs stuff in places that aren't the standard FB=
> SD=20
> locations - I assume they are the norm for Linux. The port fixes that and=20
> puts stuff where we expect it to be.
> It would make life easier if I could apply the patches and then build the p=
> ort=20
make patch 
-apply your patches-
make install clean

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