Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Dec 14 03:43:45 PST 2005

Anirban Adhikary wrote:

>Hi guys
>This is Anirban. I have a doubts on the following question.
>How to write a shell program that will check whether a server is up or down
>(on ping) and log the report to a file.
You may be wondering why no-one is replying to you and the main reasons 
would be:

    1) You show no evidence of even having *tried* to write something.  
If you'd said "I did X but it didn't work" then maybe some kind soul 
would have helped you out.  All you are asking is for someone else to 
write your script for you.

    2) It's pretty clear that you know next to nothing about shell 
scripting, in which case you should do what everyone else who has needed 
to write shell scripts has done:
       a) Buy a book or
       b) study some examples of which there must be hundreds on your 
FreeBSD installation or
       c) get someone to teach you or
       d) search google for tutorials

    And always, always, always read the manual pages.

Here's a quick sh script for you.  You can figure out how to do the 
redirection and how to run it from cron.

$ for host in host1 host2
 > do
 > if ping -c 1 $host 2>&1 > /dev/null
 > then
 > echo $host: UP
 > else
 > echo $host: DOWN
 >  fi
 > done
host1: DOWN
host2: UP

You might also consider nagios from the ports but it may be far more 
than you want.  With the limited information you provided about why you 
want to do this, no-one will ever know.


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