Polling For 100 mbps Connections? (Was Re: Freebsd Theme Song)

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>specifically WHAT it is doesn't change my claim
>the FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x suck, at least relative
>to what you started with. If you take something
>and make it worse, and seem to have no ability to
>figure out WHY, then you're incompetent. Its as
>simple as that.
>I have posted a reasonable test and results,

No you have not.  You have posted a general test,
you have not posted exactly what you did and
with exactly what hardware, nor that hardware's

> and
>there are countless complaints about performance.

The -questions mailing list is self-selecting, what
that means is that you only will see complaints on it.
That is it's purpose.

What your basically doing is standing at the door
of the women's bathroom at the mall, and trying to
determine the ratio of men to women in the mall by looking
at every person that comes out of that door.

>I think the fact that every time someone
>complains Robert Watson tells them to "wait for
>6.0, or wait for 7.0" is a pretty good indication
>that things aren't what the Teds and Krises

What am I claiming?  Danial once again you are proving you
are nothing more than a blowhard - you haven't really read
anything that I have said.  

What I have claimed repeatedly is that until you post
verifyable, and repeatable benchmarks, along with the
test methodology used to arrive at them, that your
statements have no credibility.  In other words, you have
made some interesting accusations, now please get on
with some supporting evidence.


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