caleb destroyingculture at
Tue Dec 13 16:56:13 PST 2005

Hi everyone,
            I am having some problems setting up pine && .pinerc using 
FreeBSD 6.0 - STABLE. My ISP uses POP and I am using thier SMTP for 
outgoing. I spoke to the helpdesk and the POP server does not support ssl.
  Pine was compiled and installed with support for POP3

here are some lines from my .pinerc;


When I launch pine with the above settings Pine uses INSECURE login and 
password. Even though the login is INSECURE, I can access my mail and use

I have tried using;


but when I launch pine I get the error message;

'Can't do secure authentication with this server'

If you can offer advice could you please CC me as I am not subscribed to 
the questions list. I know this question is not an OS question, but I
do not like the idea of sending my login details unencrypted through
the ISP network.



There is no spoon

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