Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Dec 13 09:21:27 PST 2005

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:

> Kevin Kinsey wrote:
>> A word of probable caution (though I stand ready to be corrected):
>>        FreeBSD isn't like Linux in the fact that it expects /boot to be
>> in / (the 'a' slice of whatever disk the bootmgr has been instructed
>> to use)... so a seperate /boot will likely get you in trouble....
> You're not wrong. /boot directory should be on / partition.  This has
> come up before but my attempts to find the discussion failed :-(
> Nitpickingly,  that's the "a" BSD-partition of whatever slice
> (aka "fdisk partition") of whatever disk bootmgr has been instructed
> to use.

Thanks - I'm occasionally a tad lax with some terminology.  As for the
"attempts to find the discussion" ... read on...

Giorgios Keramidas wrote:

 >See the archives of this mailing lists for reasons why it's discouraged
 >in the FreeBSD world.

Seems I was a tad off in my earlier estimate of "within the last 60 days"...
but Googling for " 'boot like linux' freebsd" produces the thread I was
thinking of (the initial post of which is here):

Kevin Kinsey

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