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In FBSD 4.11 and older, ipfilter logged to local0.
Then in 5.4 it was changed to security.
Now in 6.0 it has reverted back to logging to local0.
The /etc/syslog.conf file is where you define the log files.

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On 12/13/05, Elmer Rivera <elmer.rivera at gmail.com> wrote:
> hello,


> my freebsd box is already setup and followed some of the docs on
> setting up the firewall using ipfilter. question on logging.
> setup /var/log/ipfilter.log as  my log file.

How/where did you set this up?

> modified syslog.conf.

How did you modified this?

> its working now unfortunately, its loggin on
> that file AND to my messages log file. is it possible to log
> log only to my log file?

Yes, it is possible.

Here's my setup:


security.*          /var/log/ipfilter.log

Make sure you don't have any other security.* facility specified in

> thanks
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Hope this helps,

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