Joshua Lewis jmlewis at
Mon Dec 12 11:36:39 PST 2005

Thank you again to everyone on the list. I got the files moved. I really
apreciate all responses and help.

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

James Bailie
> Joshua Lewis wrote:
>  > So how do I sign on to freebsd and then scp the folder to the windows
>  > machine? more like a push.
> scp can push or pull.  You just don't have a sshd running on your
> windows machine, so pushing back to it isn't possible.  What you
> want is a version of sftp or scp for Windows, to allow you to
> pull from the remote host.  On the PuTTY website, two such tools
> are available, pftp and pscp.
> You can download them here:
> distribution.
> --
> James Bailie <jimmy at>

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