Removing a port without upsetting dependencies

RW list-freebsd-2004 at
Mon Dec 12 09:30:45 PST 2005

On Monday 12 December 2005 03:54, Kent Stewart wrote:
> On Sunday 11 December 2005 06:10 pm, RW wrote:
> > On Saturday 10 December 2005 22:46, Ian Moore wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > I have mplayer installed and at one stage I installed the
> > > mplayer-skins port as well. Then I got sick of dealing with the
> > > skins port being broken a lot because the source files are often
> > > unfetchable, so I removed the port (I can't remember what method I
> > > used to do that now).
> >
> > A much better solution is to:
> >
> >  cd /usr/ports/multimedia/mplayer-skins && make config
> >
> > then deselect everything, but the default skin.
> >
> > Since I did that I haven't had any problem with unfetchable skins.
> If you go into distfiles/mplayer and rm all of the files that are out of
> date, you won't have any problem either. IIRC, the names haven't
> changed but the MD5 and sizes have and it won't refetch them until you
> remove them. The skins aren't broken. There is something slightly out
> of whack with the Makefile.
> There may be an easier way but cd and rm * works just fine.

I've deleted the skin distfiles on several occasions and it's never been 
anything more that a one-off fix to problems with mismatched checksums for 
me. All of the current files are datastamped 25-Mar-2005, so it's probably 
just the case that the mplayer maintainers have stopped messing with them.

Occasional checksum problems can be down to the porter, but recurring problems 
are usually down to sloppy version control by the original maintainers. Also, 
if you look at there is only one 
version of each skin which is probably why these things are sometimes 

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