Eterm + intl accents

scuba at scuba at
Mon Dec 12 08:54:15 PST 2005

Hi all,

 	This is an strange behavior.
 	I'm using Eterm (0.9.3) from ports as my terminal client in X 
 	I've set the language params in login.conf to (:lang=pt-br:), and 
also set the environment vars in .cshrc as follows:

setenv LC_CTYPE pt_BR.ISO8859-1
setenv LESSCHARSET latin1
setenv LC_ALL pt_BR.ISO8859-1

 	As soon as X is started, I am able to use accented characters in 
terminal, but when any other application, i.e. Firefox, is started, the 
accents are not shown any more as I write them.
 	I think it's some thing with keyboard setup, since the display of 
accented characters are OK.

 	Any help?

- Marcelo Souza

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