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Chris racerx at
Sun Dec 11 07:46:51 PST 2005

Danial Thom wrote:
>>>Kris is just a PR front man for a "team" of
>>>developers that is lost. Their "theory" on
>>how to
>>>build a better mousetrap for MP is completely
>>>wrong, and now they're going to try something
>>>else, using the entire FreeBSD community as
>>>guinea pigs. First 5.4 was the answer. Then
>>>Now it looks like 6.0 sucks too. Its a damn
>>IF you are such a man that can actually call
>>himself an engineer - why
>>hide behind Yahoo mail?
>>Next, IF you are as you claim to be - WHY are
>>you not on the "team" or
>>at least contributing code?
>>To insult one person for not seeing your point
>>of view is a show of
>>closed mindedness - to insult a whole list of
>>users ... Well, I do think
>>that speaks volumes about you - as a whole.
>>If you feel the need to insult Kris - keep it
>>off-list. If you feel the
>>need to insult the rest of us, you may be
>>better off seeking help in the
>>real world and moving on.
>>Why would you continually expose yourself to us
>>if we make you that
>>Or - is it a craving you need to satisfy by
>>either bitching and moaning
>>or insulting us to make yourself feel superior?
>>If that's the case - then professional help is
>>for you. Seek it, feel
>>better about yourself - and move on.
>>Best regards,
> Because those of us with real jobs are required
> to do so.
> Kris doesn't just not see my point. If you can't
> see that then you can't be reasoned with either.

See - there you go. The need to belittle. "those of us with real job"
I guess all of us that have legit email address and NOT any of the
freebie ones don't have legit jobs.

I assume that's how you meant it.

It does not matter whether I see your point or Kris's. The point that
I'm making is simply this - if all that disagree with your point of
view, are the ones that can't be reasoned with.

That my friend - is surely showing us that YOU can't be reasoned with.
It's either your point of view or not. You are right, and if we can't
see it or don't agree, then we're wrong and can't be dealt with.

You my friend, NEED that professional help. I think I am beginning to
see why you use a freebie email address.

Case in point - if your employer were to see that it's really you - they
might see that you may need some help.

Just an observation - from someone that you can't reason with, and most
likely - don't have a real job because I don't have a Yahoo email address.

Best regards,

Don't let your superiors know you're better than
they are.

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