firefox build error..

kalin mintchev kalin at
Fri Dec 9 01:09:18 PST 2005

  thanks... but i'm not a huge fan of pkges...  i prefer the ports..

  i'd ratter build it then use builded stuff.

  i tried tonight again. updated ports but the firefox or mozilla ports
were unchanged...

  when will the port be usable? i miss firefox already...


> kalin mintchev wrote:
>>  hi all...
>> trying to build firefox firefox-1.5 from ports.
>> machine: 5.4-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE #0: Mon Aug 15 20:16:14 EDT
>> 2005
>> upgraded www ports last night and today. mozilla port was updated today
>> agian. port build stops at the same place. pkg_add -r brings down 1.0.3.
>> i
>> had 1.0.6...  anybody knows where to get the working one?
>> thanks...
> Don't know about the build problem but if you want the latest packages
> set PACKAGESITE in make.conf
> eg from memory (on another machine I don't have access to)
> I can't remember if you need the / on the end, it either works with but
> not without or vice versa
> This works in 6, I presume it works in 5.4. It's mentioned in pkg_add(1)
> Chris
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