Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Dec 8 00:51:20 PST 2005

> I use Linux, but for a project I am doing it involves
> the BSD port system so now I want to experience it for
> myself. As I said I have Linux and Windows with GRUB.
> If I try and install FreeBSD will it detect I already
> have grub, a swap drive? Will it also give me an
> option to partition it?

FreeBSD doesn't detect the MBR, the MBR detects the bootable slices.
So, that concept is backwards.   If you mean will it overwrite GRUB,
no.  It will ask during installation if you want to write the FreeBSD MBR.
If you want to keep Grub, just tell it not to write an MBR.

You will have to tell it which pieces of disk to use as swap.
That generally goes in /etc/fstab.

The sysinstall utility will give you options to do whatever you
want with the drive including wipe it and start over.  I presume
you don't want that, so study it up a bit and select the most
meaningful options during boot.   It is all in the handbook, which
is online at


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