probing devices on a pentium-s 90mhz.... installation can't continue because it takes forever..

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Wed Dec 7 18:58:14 PST 2005


We have an old pentium-S 90mhz machine running Redhat7
used for LVS load balancer and I would like to replace
it with FreeBSD6.0. The motherboard have two IDE
socket but it doesn't seem to detect the cdrom at all.
No problem, I downloaded the floppy images and then
reboot it. However, on the final booting process, it
just says "Probing devices, please wait (this can take
a while)... and it just sits there and nothing

Other hardware components are:
its memory looks like an edo ram (more than 113 mb i
it has 2 pci devices installed: a lan card, and a scsi
it has 1 isa device installed: vga card

Any idea what might be happening?
Is this some sort of IRQ conflict problem? I just
removed another isa device(serial,parallel) thinking
it might be conflicting with the vga card, but the
probing is still taking forever.


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