FreeBSD 6.x / GRE / WCCP / Squid

Alan Garfield alan at
Wed Dec 7 14:27:19 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 23:55 +0200, Cezar Fistik wrote:
> Hello Alan,
> Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 5:46:41 AM, you wrote:
> > ipfw conf
> > ---------
> > ipfw add 50 fwd,3128 tcp from any to any 80
> Sorry for missleading you with wccp version2, my mistake.

No problem.

> Now, is it a mistake or you changed the port squid listens on? First
> time it was 8080. Could you try to add "in via gre0" to you fwd rule?

Yes I change the port, I've not done the obvious thing and used the
wrong port. :) I've also tried using "in via gre0", that part is working
perfectly. I can see the packets getting forwarded by the rule logging
into /var/log/security, but I never see the forwarded packets on the
loopback interface

I have forwarding turned on via sysctl. Is there something I'm missing? 

> What version of FreeBSD are you using, is it a 5.3? If so, you'll have
> to upgrade to at least 5.4.

I'm running 6.0-RELEASE.


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