Thanks for FBSD6

Jon Drukman jsd at
Wed Dec 7 12:01:30 PST 2005

Just a note to say thanks to all the hard working people who created 
FBSD6.  I spent an annoying week trying to get some minimal 
"lightweight" Linux distros to work "out of the box" on an ancient 
laptop that I had lying around.  They all had various problems, such as: 
  unable to recognize/configure the wireless ethernet card, or the X 
server wouldn't come up properly.  FBSD6 worked basically "out of the 
box".  I had to create a custom script in rc.d to get the wireless to 
work on boot, but that was about it.

basically the meat of the script looks like:

ifconfig ath0 ssid "my wireless network"
dhclient ath0

if someone can tell me what /etc/rc.conf options i need to set to 
duplicate that, that would be cool.  i played around with it for a while 
but never got it to work without my custom script.


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