How often portupgrades?

Kiffin Gish kiffin.gish at
Mon Dec 5 13:36:07 PST 2005

Yes, I believe that using portaudit as a kind of pre-selection tool for
filtering out important updates is a good way of doing things.

Do a cronjob every week or so and see what it has to say.

Thanks a lot.

Kiffin Rex Gish
Gouda, The Netherlands


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> > Just wondering what a good rule of thumb is in how
> > often to run portupgrades.
> > 
> > I figure that once a week should be sufficient,
> > however each time it runs it can take up to a few
> > hours to complete which seems like an unnecessary
> > hassle to me. Once it even started rebuilding the
> > complete gnome port which took a couple days!
> > 
> > Is this worthwhile? What are the benefits?
> > 
> > Thanks alot in advance.
> Kiffin,
> Interestingly enough I was glancing at one of the
> FreeBSD books and it said (I'm paraphrasing here)
> Uptime isn't something one should be proud of. If
> uptime is, for example, 350 days then darn it
> something probably needs updating. It just becomes
> more of a in-your-face sort of thing because then
> packages have to be fetched, compiled, installed and
> all that.
> Do the research to see what a portupgrade is going to
> touch and see what fixes there are. A good example for 
> upgrading would be finding out that (I don't recall which 
> program reports that a port has a given security issue and 
> briefly tells you to either upgrade or
> uninstall) if a given port has a security fix for it.
> Did a smidge of research and I think it is portaudit
> found in security/portaudit.
> Alrighty, back to your question. If, for example,
> portaudit says there's a security issue and you are
> worried about it then upgrade (perhaps have portaudit
> run every night).
> I guess what I'm trying to say is --What ever you are 
> comfortable with.
> Hope that helps.
> ~Mr. Anderson
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