How do I know if my internal PCI modem works on FreeBSD?

Daniel Rudy dr2867 at
Sun Dec 4 18:07:42 PST 2005

At about the time of 12/3/2005 7:38 AM, Wojciech Puchar stated the

>>Basically, it all depends on how much you spent for the modem.  A $15-20
>>modem is more than likely a WinModem (software modem) which FreeBSD does
>>*NOT* support without a third party driver.  If the modem cost $70-100,
>>and it is recongized as a serial port by the sio driver, then it
>>probably will work.
> externally connected modems (by serial) costs less than $100 anyway and do 
> work for sure.
> many external modems does connect by USB port and can be cheaper, but 
> check for "hayes compatible" label (or similar) as some USB modems are 
> winmodems too.
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So, some USB modems are winmodems now?  I was not aware of that.
Besides, who wants a USB modem anyways?  I didn't mention the external
modems because the OP was asking specifically about his internal PCI modem.

A good internal PCI hardware (controller based) modem is the Zoom 2920.
 They run about $80 or so at Fry's...If you can find them.  Or talk to
Zoom directly at

Daniel Rudy

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