InstantBSD via VMWare player ?

wrangled wrangled at
Sun Dec 4 12:01:55 PST 2005

VMWare has a free "VMWare Player", perhaps someone could make a slick 
desktop-ish FreeBSD virtual machine - so that people considering FreeBSD 
could download it and see what FreeBSD is like?

I would do it, except I have an older (4.5) version of VMWare, and I'm 
not yet very FreeBSD-savy.

Something that would be quick inside a VM, like FluxBox or FVWM, but 
with some cool hacks to show people how it can be customized. 

Maybe a big one too, like KDE or GNOME with all the bells-and-whistles, 
so they could see the other end of the spectrum.


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