How often portupgrades?

martinko martinkov at
Sun Dec 4 08:17:34 PST 2005

Joerg Pernfuss wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Dec 2005 20:29:41 +0100
> "Kiffin Gish" <kiffin.gish at> wrote:
>>Just wondering what a good rule of thumb is in how often to run
>>I figure that once a week should be sufficient, however each time it
>>runs it can take up to a few hours to complete which seems like an
>>unnecessary hassle to me. Once it even started rebuilding the
>>complete gnome port which took a couple days!
>>Is this worthwhile? What are the benefits?
>>Thanks alot in advance.
> Everybody has to figure out that one for himself, so, here is my
> rule of thumb:
> 	Upgrade your ports only when you need to.
> If all installed ports work fine and a new version doesn't introduce
> some functionality you simply need to have, why update?
> Just for the sake of updateing?
> 	Joerg

you forgot to mention security issues. even if you don't like often 
updating, you should run portaudit regularly (once a day?) and make sure 
you update the ports with security advisories.


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