martinko martinkov at pobox.sk
Sun Dec 4 07:34:37 PST 2005

Mr. Albritton wrote:
> How viable is it to install FreeBSD along side WinXP?  (Dual Boot)  Also, can the BSD MBR be removed once it's installed?  I've tried FIXMBR with the WinXP CD and it didn't work....  <sigh>  Any suggestions?
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you don't have to install fbsd's mbr at all. you could use win nt/xp 
boot manager. but fot that to work you would need to create a boot 
sector image to boot fbsd. i've achieved it with software called 
bootpart. or you can use grub.

btw, my winxp stopped working after i tried to install 2nd installation 
of fbsd -- i had 5.4 and i installed 6.0. most unfortunately, fdisk 
shuffled partitions and my grub stopped working properly. i managed to 
fix it by hand (good old norton disk editor) and everything works fine 
but winxp -- i got a message saying something like it cannot load hal 
file or something. :-((


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