CVS Server with freebsd

lars lars at
Sat Dec 3 09:37:08 PST 2005

Ian Lord wrote:
> thanks !
> I'll check into this (ssh)
> Thanks a lot for your help
There's also a good book,
"Essential CVS" by Jenn Vesperman
that can be a lot of help setting up
and, especially, maintaining a CVS repository.

Btw, if you don't have company or departemental constraints
forcing you to use CVS, go for Subversion instead.

AFAIK the KDE source is in Subversion:

And the KDE source is quite big.

It has all the functionality of CVS and is far less of a hassle to use.

E.g. you can't move files or directories in CVS,
you have to copy, cvs add, delete, cvs remove files and then the directories,
making this simple operation a real nuisance.

In Subversion you can move files and directories.

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