After Firefox upgrade, browser no longer prints without CUPS

Micah micahjon at
Thu Dec 1 21:35:32 PST 2005

Joshua Tinnin wrote:
> What does Firefox use to recognize printers? Every other application 
> recognizes and uses the generic UNIX lpd (with Ghostscript and hpdij), 
> which is what Firefox used before I upgraded it to 1.5. Now it insists 
> on using CUPS or PostScript. I've been Googling for two days and can't 
> figure out how to get it back where it was.
> Have to say, I love FreeBSD, but printing is a serious hassle. Every 
> time the smallest thing changes, it breaks and requires several days of 
> maddening searching and tweaking to get it back the way it was. Am 
> about to break down and get a print server, as this is way too much to 
> deal with on a regular basis.
> - jt

Did you try printing using the "postscript/default" printer?  If that is 
broken, the "properties" button on the print window should allow you to 
specify lpd as the print command.


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